Make it Happen and Make It Good

We live in a world where it’s easy to be comfortable. You might sit back, relax, and get lost in a rabbit hole…whether watching a series or simply scrolling on your phone.

Suddenly, you look up and realize that you’re missing it – that spark, that excitement, that fulfillment. This isn’t you; you aren’t okay just being comfortable and letting time pass you by. No, you are Actions Peak. It’s time to make a move. The time is now.

To succeed, to grow, and to be happy, we must focus on both our physical health and mental health. Sadly enough, many people don’t have either. Yet someone who has both can become unstoppable.

To have clear goals and achieve them, you must first have a healthy mind. This means de-cluttering your thoughts to focus on the good and necessary. It means to stop dwelling on the past and to look towards the future you want to build. It means taking time to slow down, reflect internally, and improve before stepping on the pedal and racing towards your goals.

When you’re trying to better your life, you should first evaluate and improve your mental health. Are you speaking positively about yourself, your skills, and your future? Do you bet on yourself and exhibit confidence? What scares you and why? What risks have you always wanted to take? What’s holding you back?

Two important things to note are the way you speak to yourself and the way you speak about yourself. Think about the words that define you. If you don’t like any of them, change them.

Think about what you wish you had more of. This may be something physical or tangible. It could also be a personal attribute, such as bravery. Imagine someone who has the qualities you want. What do they do every day? How do they speak to themselves? What’s stopping you from doing the same?

Many of us could improve in one or more areas of our mental health–and that’s okay. That’s what makes you human and that’s what makes you you. What’s important at Actions Peak isn’t where you are now. It’s where you want to go…and, most importantly, what you’re willing to do to get there.

Now it’s also possible to have a healthy mind, yet still find yourself lacking the energy to win. This is where physical health comes in. Optimal physical comes from treating your body right. (Heads up: this doesn’t mean giving it whatever it craves and letting it lie there all day!)

Treating your body right is like treating a child right. You need to teach it self-discipline, respect, and how to live a balanced life. This includes getting enough sleep, fueling your body with the clean energy it needs, and building its endurance up through sports and exercise.

It’s not enough to just walk around the block. That may be where you start, but that’s not where you end. Once you’ve accomplished this first step: congratulations; reward yourself and thank yourself. Then continue to push yourself.

The next time, you speed-walk around the block instead. The time after that, extend it to three blocks. Then a three-block jog. Then a mile jog. Then move up to a sprint.

Physical health is built up one step at a time, and your self-confidence grows right along with it. With the right body comes more energy, with more energy comes more passion, and with more passion comes more SUCCESS.

You’ve got one body, one mind, and one life. There are passions inside you that are waiting for their chance to get out, grow, and inspire others around you. It’s time to let them out of their cages. It’s time to get rid of those limiting thoughts, and to push your body out of its comfort zone.

Your body will only push as far as your mind lets it. Thus, the trick is: by controlling your mind, you are also controlling your body’s potential. You can do anything you put your mind to, and the only thing limiting yourself is you.

We at Actions Peak know that SUCCESS doesn’t grow on trees. Motivation isn’t easy. Physical fitness and mental health aren’t easy either. But another thing we know is that they’re all possible.

Our supporters push through the difficulties, and make it happen no matter what. Not only do they make it happen, but they make it good. They make it their best, and they make Actions Peak.

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