How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

As we all know, life has its challenges and throws its curveballs. This makes it all-the-more crucial for us to remain fit overall. Having a regular workout routine is an obvious way to attain this…not only for physical fitness, but for clarity of mind and immunity to stress.

Al too often, however, we either “don't have time” or simply don’t care. It doesn't have to be this way. Here are 4 simple techniques we can use to keep the discipline needed to maintain our workout routine no matter what…and reap the rewards in all aspects of life.

  1. Set a Regular Mandatory Time to Exercise

Ideally, it should be just as strict and habitual as the times we set to get out of bed, leave for work, etc. That way we’ll follow it no matter what.

When fostering the discipline to work out, simply getting into the gym is half the battle. The most effective way to do this is to set a regular time, knowing we must adhere to it.

Generally speaking, the best time to work out is early in the morning…before beginning our day. This typically provides a burst of energy that can last throughout the day. For those who are unable to do so—or have a strong preference to exercise in the evening instead—late evening workouts can also be beneficial, of course. Those with families, for example, particularly tend to prefer late hours…often their children are asleep and they can focus on their exercise program undisturbed. This obviously works better for those who still have energy after a day’s worth of work.  

Regardless of the time we choose, the critical thing is to stick to it.

  1. Reward Yourself

Positive reinforcement, in the forms of little things we enjoy, is one of humanity’s most effective motivators. Looking forward to one’s self-reward not only makes it easier to get into the gym…but can actually keep us more energized during and after the workout.

Your chosen “prize” can be something quite simple. For example: buying your favorite dessert or a handbag you’ve had your eyes on…or perhaps a night out with friends.

  1. Find a Workout Partner/Companion

Have you ever found yourself excessively drained or sluggish, making it impossible to get out of bed? This isn’t specific to you; we all feel sluggish at times and would rather not work out. Having a companion who can get you on your feet will be quite helpful.

First off, you’ll know they’re counting on you to meet them there. Nobody wants to be seen as a “flake,” nor let their buddy down.

Secondly, you can set your objectives together to make your workout more fun and interesting. This also you to help hold each other accountable for your goals…whether through simple encouragement or friendly competition (depending on your preferences).

  1. Have a Motivating Playlist

Music has the proven abilities to influence our mindset, inspire us when we are down, and keep us going when we’re tempted to give up. Thus, your choice of workout music can play a major role in the workout’s overall effect.

The most popular choice here is upbeat music…including such genres as classic rock or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Recommended artists, to name a few, include Avicii, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Taylor Swift, Tiesto and even Beyoncé.

Of course this is a personal choice, and you can ultimately listen to anything that you find helps keep you motivated. You may find that listening to your favorite podcast will make your workouts more entertaining…thus easier to continue. So always remember to cue up that playlist before hitting the gym.

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