Why Wear Actions Peak?

I believe that most of us, particularly on New Year’s and birthdays, make some form of promises to ourselves. A promise to love ourselves more, cherish our loved ones, get rid of all the toxic people in our life, work hard for that much-awaited promotion, and–perhaps the most cliché–get that body we’ve always desired.


Some people say getting started is the most difficult part. While this obviously a critical step, I recognize the fact that maintaining the consistency is also a challenge for the vast majority


In my personal experience, I’ve found it easy enough to stay focused and motivated for the first week or two. After that, it’s all too easy to come up with excuses and revert to old habits. Motivation can easily fade away once the novelty wears off. Therefore, this stage in the process is the moment of truth—the moment that will determine how your year will turn out. Will it be just like all the previous ones, or will it be that pivotal year that brings the lasting change you’ve always craved?


Actions Peak was developed amidst such a life-defining moment. After years of procrastination, I finally decided to get started and never stop…and my, did that one decision change my life. This athletic brand was born from one eye-opening realization: there are billions of people out there who, just like us, are looking for motivation and happiness in all the wrong places. 


No person, no lucky charm–and not even a drink, for that matter–will truly keep us happy and motivated. They may, at the very most, offer temporary solace…but nothing that will make a lasting difference. I suppose this is something we all learn the hard way, but once this lesson is learned, there is no looking back.


We want each one of our customers to know that they possess the strength and power to change their situation, alter their circumstances, and realize their dreams. Surely it’s not going to be easy, and there will be plenty of obstacles along the way…but at Actions Peak, we promise you that the journey will be worth it. That is what our heart and muscle shirt is all about. Because it’s all in you: the heart and the muscle!


In your heart lie the will power and courage to do something new, to succeed in the one dream that’s been lurking somewhere in the back of your mind. The truth is, it’s only in the back of your mind because the trash has found a way to sneak in and take the primary space.


It’s time to declutter and let it all come to you, allowing your dreams to take the driver’s seat once again. So above all, don’t be afraid of change. All too often, fear leads us to cling tightly to certain things and people…when in fact they are just what have been damaging us and holding us back all along. 


So go ahead and buy your set of Actions Peak wears, because that is our way of sending happiness and positivity to you. We want it to be a reminder that you have the ability to unlock your true potential. We hope that this year brings you the turning point in your life, the one you’ve been waiting for all along and you achieve everything you deserve. 


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