Why Short Workouts are Better

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It helps strengthen the body and enhances overall cognitive functions. It also increases happiness, confidence, and helps maintain a positive state of mind.

At times, however, our busy schedules do not let us work out for a long period of time. Thus, short workouts might be the key to help you achieve the result you’re looking for. Here are 5 reasons why short workouts are better than long workouts:

1. Keeps you focused: Concentrating when working out is the toughest part, as we can easily get distracted. Shorter workouts demand a fair, brief duration of focus, while keeping you motivated.

On the other hand, long workouts can make you weary and exhausted, and can be overwhelming if you have a busy schedule. So if you have been thinking of increasing your intensity, concentrate on short workouts that boost your focus and overall performance.

2. Quick outcome: According to many researchers, if you work out for 15-20 minutes for two to three days per week, you’re more than likely to get the same result, or better, as those who work out for long periods daily. This is because you allow yourself recovery periods. Short, intense workouts can just as easily help you burn those calories, as well as improve your cardiovascular health.

3. Saves time: Whenever we think of working out, the time it takes is always an obstacle. After all, we know we can’t take an additional hour or two every day to go to the gym. Thus, short workouts are ideal in saving time, while retaining all the benefits that come with exercise. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time.

4. Balances diet: If you are working out for a long time, then you will definitely feel hungry after a few hours. Advocates of long workouts say that long exercises maintain your body better because you get to reward yourselves with cheat days.

However, that is not always the case. Short, fast workouts stabilize your hunger, thus minimizing the intake of extra food. Over time, this will show you how much you have learned to control your cravings. This further allows you to follow a balanced lifestyle, leading you to become a healthier and positive individual.

5. Prevents overexertion: Your body requires relaxation and sleep. If you try to overwork your body, you could potentially put it at risk internally. Long workouts can put excessive stress on your body and drain your energy. Short workouts let your body recover and rebuild for optimal performance.


Now, it’s important to understand that doing some kind of workout is always better than not doing it at all. That being said, quick exercises particularly boost your confidence, and have proven to be the most effective in boosting your mood overall. Such workouts offer many health benefits. So, regardless of your schedule, don’t forget to carve out the time for a short workout session.