What Not to Wear When Working Out

As long as you are wearing clothes to the gym, you’re already making one good decision in the matter. When at the gym and other workout environments, there are certain things you should avoid wearing so you and others around you can be safe and work out comfortably. If seeking guidance on the matter, here are a few such examples:

Heavy perfumes, lotions, and makeup

The smell of strong perfumes or colognes is intensified with heat and sweat. If inhaled for a long time, this can cause nausea and headaches, which can effectively ruin your workout.

Applying greasy and sticky lotions before the workout session is not recommended. Hand and body creams can make your hands slippery when trying to hold onto objects or using a machine. Instead, use oil-free lotion.

If you’re going be exposed to the sun, it’s important to use sunscreen. It’s equally important that you choose a type of sunscreen that’s recommended for the given sport or activity.. Lastly, forget about fashion while you’re inside the gym: makeup is not recommended. It can clog the pores when you sweat and lead to skin irritation.


You should generally avoid jewelry, such as dangling earrings, finger rings, bangles, and bracelets. These accessories can get stuck in machines while you’re exercising, as well cling onto clothes unexpectedly Injury can result if you are still wearing them during a gym session.  

Baggy clothes

Loose T-shirts, tops, and bottoms can make your work out session a drag. They can even get caught in machines, leading to accidents and injuries.

Also, if you’re taking a private or group class, instructors normally prefer to follow your posture and the form of your body during an exercise, ensuring that your workout is safe and effective, especially if it’s something you’re just learning. If you wear baggy clothes, they may not be able to see your form.

However, this does not mean you should go to the opposite extreme and squeeze into tight clothes either. Wear self-fitting, stretching outfits that make it easy for you to do squats, jumps, lunges and move around comfortably. Check out our Men or Women apparel for your next workout.  

Boots and sandals

Boots are designed to keep us warm and dry, especially during the winter seasons. Some are very heavy, geared primarily toward construction and warehouse workers; hence, they do not offer flexible movements when working out. On top of this, boots can easily lead to overheating and excessive sweat if worn while exercising.

At the other extreme, sandals aren’t a much better choice for most workout setting. They can be slippery and cause you to slip on the gym floor. Also, they don’t protect your toes from potential hazards and injuries in the gym. But regardless, you obviously wouldn’t jog in sandals. Likewise, they are equally unsuited for any gym exercises involving the feet: treadmill, squats, etc.

To avoid all this, wear shoes that are intended for athletics, offering adequate protection to your feet and toes. For most workouts, our top recommendation would be sports shoes.

The same clothes as yesterday

I’m mostly just talking to other guys here. Sometimes we’re too lazy to do laundry and we are forced to wear the same clothes again…but please avoid this when it comes to the gym and other such activities. It may well have bacteria accumulating to begin with, and its unpleasant effects are increased exponentially in a workout environment. And if you’re actually a member there who wishes to keep a tolerable reputation, this is probably best to avoid.


Let us know what kind of sportswear you prefer when going to the gym or playing sports! As always, remember that WEAR is our message and try to find out WHERE you will see your actions peak!