Which Exercises Burn the Most Calories at Home?

Sometimes our schedules, particularly work and school, can drain your time an energy so much that you simply have no time to work out.

That doesn’t have to be the case. You just need to think outside the box a little bit, and you’ll see the abundance of options around you–alternatives to the conventional workout routine.

You do not need a gym membership to be fit. In fact, hundreds of fun simple quick exercises can be done at home, many with no equipment at all. Here are five such exercises that you can begin immediately, regardless of your personal schedule or budget. If you want to see results, make sure you are persistent and consistent.

  1. Jumping Rope

This is an easy workout to do at home that can help get rid of those extra calories in your body.

The best technique is to alternate the speed of the jumps (e.g. fast-paced for ten minutes, then slowly for seven minutes, then fast-paced for another ten). This will boost the efficiency of the workout. As you jump, ensure that your feet are slightly apart and keep your body upright.

Once familiar with the basic jump style, you can also add in some fun tricks to make the workout more advanced. These include “double-unders,” jumping on one foot, and jumping rope while jogging.

  1. Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is an entertaining workout that will definitely get your body in shape. Furthermore, it’s simple and easy. Just get yourself a hula hoop that’s sized for adults.

Do not get discouraged if you don’t pull it off perfectly the first time. After all, the goal here is to enhance fitness, not show off in front of a crowd. The key is to be persistent and practice until you’re perfect.

For starters: grab your hoop, put one foot in front of the other, and swiftly move your body back and forth. Do it for half an hour each day (or scheduled workout day), and significant results won’t be far off.

Like jumping rope, this exercise is best for those who wish to burn calories.

  1. Dancing

If this is something you enjoy, there’s probably no better way to uplift your spirits while burning calories in the process. This form of workout may not be as intense as the first two options, but it obviously works. The best way to see results is to select songs with a fast rhythm.  You can start with slightly slower songs, then increase the tempo. Don’t just dance stiffly, but pretend you’re out in town having fun—move each and every part of your body.

  1. Lunge Jumps

Just five minutes of lunge jumps every other day can do wonders to your body. It primarily works your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. You’ll probably be sweating after just five minutes, along with a racing heart.

Lunges, like the others, have the benefit of burning calories…but they’re also highly effective in building leg strength, even increasing the size of your quads and hamstrings over time.

If you’re looking to exercise the lower half of your body, and it must be done quickly at home, then this is a must for your routine.

On a side note, it offers the additional convenience of a body-only exercise, as no supplies are used whatsoever.

  1. Burpees

This is quite an effective workout, and also a great calorie burner. Ideally, they should be done in the morning. Two minutes of intense burpees is equivalent to running one mile. Furthermore, it works out your entire body

Being a quick exercise, no breaks are allowed for this one! You may not be able to complete a great number of reps at the beginning, but that’s perfectly fine. Focus on staying active for the chosen amount of time. Then start at your own pace, gradually increasing the speed and volume over time.