Being physically strong is not the only factor when it comes to winning combinations. Another is combining your strength with your ability to think and make effective decisions. This is what genuinely dominates the game, whether it’s a simple ball game or the far more elaborate game in which we’re all players: life.

Yeah, we get it: taking risks is a part of life, and (to some degree) is necessary for success. Nonetheless, having 50/50 odds is not an effective strategy. The secret is to work on changing these odds to make them far more favorable.

We’re well aware that it’s not an easy road ahead. If you aim for the gold metal, you have to be smarter, faster, and stronger. This will take time, and you’re not expected to get there overnight. So pick up your losses and learn from your experiences, as well as celebrating small victories along the way.

It’s always better to be one step instead, taking calculated risks, rather than sailing off without a map. For example, let’s say you plan to open your own business. You wouldn’t want to invest all your savings without calculating the risks, expenses, and the possibility for return, right? Likewise, the most minor decisions in life require critical thinking.

Even animals calculate their every move when stalking their prey. They must remain calm and patient, waiting for the right moment to go for the kill. One wrong move and they can easily wind up losing the match--but the more intelligent animals can still learn from that experience. As humans, we can definitely learn a thing or two from some of the more primitive animals in order to unlock our own instincts.

The same goes for sports. You don’t just do it. If you want to win-- you must THINK F1RST. Most athletes are physically fit, but not all have the same IQ…and the latter is often what separates the lambs from the wolves. Competing in any sport is not just a battle of strength, but more often, it becomes a mental battle. What matters in any type of match is the ability to outthink and outsmart your opponent, especially when they have the more obvious advantage of strength and power. 

Think First place and set your goal to reach the #1 spot, while always motivating yourself to work for it. Put yourself in challenging situations and always aim for the best. Because let’s face it--winning does not taste the same it’s accomplished by sheer luck.

Think first, and don’t settle for second. Think first so you don’t regret finishing last. 

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