The Month of Love

How has the fitness resolution been going so far?

Sound familiar? This is the type of question we’re likely to hear around this time. After all, we’re a month into our new year–if you’ve stayed committed to your New Year’s resolution, that’s a good benchmark for commitment and discipline.

What else does February signify? The Month of Love! Here at Actions Peak, we know that working hard to keep oneself in shape is one of the best forms of self-love and self-improvement.

You may be also looking for ways for you and your Valentine to work towards your self-improvement goals together, showing your love for each other.

You may enjoy taking an early morning jog together, taking a Pilates class together, or having regular workouts as a couple. Regardless of the choice, such activities are bound to strengthen your relationship. Plus, for many of us, fitness with a partner is far more motivating and inspiring than solo fitness.

Couples that sweat it together are often the ones that keep it together in the long run. Pick a fitness activity that’s effective is enjoyable to both of you. It can be anything that gets the blood pumping in your veins: a class of soul cycle, couple yoga therapies or a tennis session on the court, etc.

Now, while you may have the perfect romantic workout planned, unforeseen circumstances can still potentially ruin the moment….and no one wants that! With fitness in particular, these curveballs often involve hygiene issues: your shirts clinging to you like second skin, reeking of sweat, uncomfortable fittings, and restriction of movements.

But have no fear! All of this can be avoided if you make the choice to wear the right aesthetic wear! So go ahead and stock up Actions Peak workout gear for the Month of Love, so you can relax and enjoy your workouts…as you bond closer to your partner worry-free.

Another benefit is that your stamina increases when your body is allowed to “breathe” properly, as the body does not lose energy from fighting against material stretches and tears.

Moreover, when you and your partner wear Actions Peak hearts shirts and work out together, this subconsciously fosters a synchronized state of mind, allowing for easy coordination between the two of you. So in the Month of Love, your workouts will not only strengthen your physical heart…but the heart-to-heart relationship that you share. This has the additional benefit of “working off your stress,” so you can both leave the gym relaxed. That way, instead of arguing, you’l be able to have fun and laugh together.

For the singles among us—or those who simply aren’t feeling the “let-us-work-together” vibe, the aesthetic wear that includes Actions Peak heart shirts will still motivate you towards your next fitness milestone.