How to Use Protein Powder to Gain Muscle

Many people would love to gain muscle and look fit. However, they do not know the best supplements to take. If you are struggling to gain muscle, it’s critical to add more protein to your diet…regardless of your workout routine.  An ideal way to do so is with protein powder.

Before you learn how to use protein powder to gain muscle, you need to learn more about the product. There are various types of protein powders. However, the 3 big types are weight gainer, whey, and casein. Ensure you are familiar with the three types before you start using it.

Fortunately, protein powders are available in many stores, both online and offline. Also, the products are packed in convenient packages, and they’re filled with vital nutrients and calories to ensure you reach your nutritional target.

What is the best time to take protein powder?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned bodybuilding competitor, the best time to take your protein powder is before and after training. According to experts, taking protein powder 30 minutes before working out can improve your performance and strength. Just as importantly, having the supplement after an exercise helps with recovery and sustained muscle growth. It will prevent your muscles from eating their own tissue; hence, the size they gained will be permanent.

You can also take protein powder before going to bed. Keep in mind that your body goes unfed for the six to eight hours that you’re asleep. Hence, if you take the supplement before you sleep, you will give your body enough nutrients to last through the night.

The other best time you can have protein powder is in the morning, ensuring that you start the day off with some nutrients in your system.

How to use protein powder to gain muscle

  1. Start by choosing the right protein powder for your needs. Since there are different types of protein powders and flavors, it is important to select wisely. Select the type that best matches your goals, and find the flavor that matches your taste, as you’ll be taking the supplement daily.
  2. Protein powder is for people who are ready and willing to do intense training. If you are not training and you’re taking a lot of protein powder, you’ll be building fat rather than muscle.
  3. Protein powder is available in different forms. It could be in pills, shake, or the powder form. Make sure you select the one you are willing to take.
  4. Protein powder is packed with calories and nutrients to ensure you have energy for many hours. You can mix it with water or milk…or even turn it into a smoothie. It can also be used as a meal replacement (but it’s not recommended to do so frequently).
  5. Always check your daily nutrition target. With that in mind, you will be able to take the correct measure of protein powder.
  6. For beginners, it is important to start out small or test the protein powder first to see if you like the product and check for side effects.

Bottom line

Protein powder is a very useful supplement for anyone who would like to gain muscle. If you are struggling to build muscle, this is the best supplement to take. The supplement has healthy fats, calories, macro nutrients, and carbohydrates (depending on the product you choose). But do keep in mind that the protein powder alone will not give you muscle; you also must remain dedicated to your regular workout program.