How to Reach the Top…and Stay There

Reaching the top is no easy feat. Whether it involve your job, your personal health, or life overall, getting to the top takes planning and effort. That’s why we created Actions Peak’s Top of The Line Edition (or T.O.T.L.E.)

Actions Peak is about reaching the top while being the best of the best. With T.O.T.L.E., our customers are reaching their personal peaks through motivation, support, and a bit of elbow grease. So, how can you reach the top and stay there?

1.   Choose the Right Peak

If you’re trying to reach your own peak, it’s important to choose a goal that is meaningful to you. If you don’t truly want to reach this peak, you may be disappointed when you get to the top and realize that the view isn’t what you wanted. Thus, it’s critical that the peak resonates with who you are. It should never be done out of obligation, to please family, or anything else.

Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T. If not familiar with the concept, this acronym refers to:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Relevant

T- Tie-Bound

2.   Make a Plan and Visualize

A famous study at Harvard University found that, 10 years after graduation, the 3% of graduates from their MBA program who wrote down and planned for their goals ended up making ten times more money than the other 97% of their classmates put together.

Making a plan of action is critical–not only in financial goals, but in all facets of life. So treat your peak as if you were climbing to a literal physical peak: write down the destination, then map out the exact route (or choice of route) you must take to get there.

Lastly, always keep sight of the peak. Visualize reaching your peak every day to stay motivated and focused.

3.   Take Action

You’ve chosen your peak, you’ve planned out your route, and now it’s time to take action; we don’t call it Actions Peak for nothing. We know that words without actions are like cars without tires—useless.

Find the first step on your map and take it. This may be getting back to the gym, starting a new training program, changing your diet, reading up daily on a certain topic, or any other beneficial step to get you closer to your peak.

The time is now.

4.   Find Support

Accountability is a huge help when it comes to climbing to the top and staying there. Otherwise, you may reach a goal, let everyone know while celebrating the success...then let your guard down. Then, with no one holding you accountable after the moment of glory passes, you could soon end up in the exact same position as a year before the success.

T.O.T.L.E. knows that reaching your peak is only the beginning; the true winners train hard enough to stay there continuously–or, alternatively, to move from peak to peak. Confide in your mentors and loved ones to hold you accountable for staying on top of your goals.

5.   Evaluate Progress

Reaching your peak means climbing some sharp points along the way. You’ll want to continuously evaluate how you’re progressing, what you should change, and what you should continue doing.

After surpassing a roadblock, or a difficult situation on your map to success, you’ll need to celebrate! Recognizing even the smallest wins will propel you forward with even more motivation and energy than before.

Reach out to us at Actions Peak to get your own T.O.T.L.E. piece after one of your wins to help you remember you are well on your way to the top.