Everything We Do Adds Up!

At Actions Peak, you know we’re all about reaching goals and crushing challenges. But let’s be real here: we all have days that seem to slip through our fingers, leaving us wondering where they went…and why we did absolutely nothing productive. We may even experience this phenomenon with an entire week, month, or summer.

Now it’s obviously essential to take some relaxation and recuperation time, and this is a perfectly healthy way to spend a day or a weekend–when done intentionally. Nevertheless, we understand the frustration of feeling stuck in a rut with no forward movement...especially after planning to accomplish so much more.

Rest assured; this phenomenon is universal. Every human on the planet with an IQ over 50 has felt like they’ve lived at least one useless day by the time they reach adolescence. What if we told you instead, however, that this day was actually a valuable experience?

What’s your perspective?

In our lifetime, every single thing we do or don’t do adds up. This could be for better or for worse, but every action or inaction is a contributing factor to your future. Many of us get caught up in the life-changing deals deals and prolific first-place finishes, but we’re here to tell you that you can find smaller wins in even on mundane days.

Let’s say you’ve had an off-week and you haven’t been able to stay on track with your fitness or projects. You may have used a few afternoons to slack off and binge-watch that new series instead. While some coaches may yell and berate you for this decision (and if this describes one of your mentors, we recommend you cut your ties this instant), the thing that matters most is your perspective. Do you view such a week as a failure, or do you see it as a time you took to reset?

The truth is: there’s no right answer, but there is a correct response. If you think those days were a reset, great! Now head back out there and get back on track. If you think this was a failure, then fair enough–what are you going to do about this failure? Learning from such things, and using them to improve in the future, will make even your crappiest days add to your journey to success.

Indecision Is a Decision

Some people find solace in leaving stones unturned. After all, rocking the boat is often seen as negative, isn’t it? The thing is, even lack of action counts as a decision. Choosing to do nothing is still doing something; thus, it’s still an action, and it will contribute to your journey. For better or for worse, you ask?  Well, it depends on what you do once you realize you’ve been avoiding action.

Maybe today you only walked a mile instead of running or decided to have chocolate for dessert instead of an apple. Will your body be destroyed and all your progress squandered? Not at all! But making that same choice every day will have its consequences–even if it doesn’t change your body, it could still prevent the positive changes you desired.

Conversely, maybe you pushed yourself for an extra ten minutes during that last workout. You squeezed out a little extra energy and sweat for a few more songs. Initially, you may simply feel exhausted…but suppose you repeat that decision 10, 20, or 50 more times. Not only will your body adapt to it and gain more energy over time, but this could make all the difference in the world to your physical and mental health six months down the road.

From Health to Happiness

These small and impactful daily decisions aren’t limited to fitness. We’ve got to internalize the fact that even our smallest interactions with others will impact our success in the long run. The next time you’re speaking to someone, whether it be a close friend or a stranger at the supermarket, be conscious of your interaction. Add in a smile, a compliment, or even an invitation if appropriate.

Small actions can and will change the course of your destiny, and such actions will be influenced (if not determined) by your perspective. Even your smallest actions and gestures, from holding the door for a stranger to turning your own bad day around, can make all the difference.

Keep on Adding

From our health to our happiness, from our bodies to our minds, every moment is filled with opportunities to influence our own future. We won’t be perfect every minute of every day, but this is what makes life such as great learning opportunity.

If you’ve stuck with us this far, we know you’ve got the right idea. Get out there and add something positive to your day today. Do someone a favor, go the extra mile, or learn a lesson by contemplating a past decision. Everything we do adds up, so make it count!

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