What does it mean to be Driven? When you’re Driven, you grab the wheel and choose where you want to go. This isn’t just a vacation; this is your life. You chose that job, that school, that house, that trip, that goal. The destination choices are endless, and the different ways to get there are infinite. You are Driven, so you choose a road and take it, picturing your destination the entire ride.

While you’re on your way, you may find other routes that reveal themselves. These are typically the back roads, the shortcuts, the scenic routes. They are detours, different than your original plan, and that’s okay. You are Driven, so you take the unknown roads and have new experiences – but you never forget about the destination. The detour will soon end, and you rejoin the highway that leads you back to your destination. You don’t let go of the wheel. Not once.

To be Driven is to take control of the situation at hand. Being Driven is a mindset, a perspective, and a plan. Being Driven doesn’t mean that you never come across roadblocks or obstacles. They will come, and they will try to slow you down. But you are Driven, and that means that you use your strength to move past them, leaving them far behind in the rearview.

When one road is unexpectedly closed off, you find another. If you are told that there are no other options, you make another road. You don’t take no for an answer, because you give the answer yourself.

Getting a flat tire won’t destroy the car, but not changing the flat tire will. Perspective is everything, and you contain everything. You are Driven, and the drive continues.  

To be Driven is to surpass limits. You have no boundaries, so you make the rules. When you have something in mind, you zone in on it. You start slowly, observing the landscape and enjoying the drive in your life. You learn from the journey and adapt as you go. Speedbumps, traffic lights, and unexpected snowstorms don’t deter you; instead, you use them as moments to stop, regroup, replan, and refocus. There is always a solution and sometimes it just takes time to arrive at the best one.

You are Driven and you continue on. As you near your destination, you feel the joy and accelerate. You pedal to the metal–full velocity. The sun is beaming, you can’t stop smiling, and the sky is as blue as it’s ever been. Nothing stands in your way and nothing can stop you, because you are unstoppable. You are Driven! So, remind yourself with our sticker every time you take a drive or you need the motivation to do something. Don’t lose focus and one day your Actions will Peak!

Actions Peak Driven Sticker