Developing an Actions Peak Mindset

No doubt about it: thinking that you’re not good enough is not productive. So what productive thought can we use to replace it? If sitting on your sofa and scrolling through Instagram doesn’t push you towards progress, what are some alternatives (no, we’re not talking about TikTok)? By pinpointing such alternatives, and making the shifts that come with them, you can retrain your brain to emit a more action-oriented mindset, with action steps in tow.

Once you have an action-oriented mindset, you’ll find that other parts of your life will begin to change. You’ll begin getting out of bed on Mondays with excitement instead of dread. You’ll find opportunities in moments that previously would have been deemed failures. Obstacles will be viewed as challenges that help you grow, allowing you to jump over the hurdles with excitement and confidence.

The next time you face an obstacle or setback, take on an Actions Peak mindset. Is this situation inconvenient? Maybe. But instead of focusing on the bad, find the opportunity for growth. Trust us – every single bad moment has an opportunity for growth. 

That guy who cut you off in rush hour traffic? That was your opportunity to grow in patience. The downsizing at your company? A much-needed change use your creativity and find that different position you’ve always dreamed about. Catching the flu right before the weekend of your birthday, when you had planned to go to Vegas and party it up? Time to give your body the rest it needs and start your new year of life refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Remember: there are no bad days, only bad reactions. Imagine that we handed you $1,440, and one of the dollar-bills happened to be torn and dirty. Would you pout and throw the other $,1439 in the trash? Of course not! Then why do you let one bad minute ruin the other 1,439 minutes left in your day?

An Actions Peak mindset involves understanding that events don’t have power over our feelings – our minds have that power. Reaction is everything, and your mind chooses your reaction.

At Actions Peak, we know that a goal-oriented mindset is key, but we also know that goals aren’t accomplished overnight. Go-getters need to take one step at a time to climb the mountain of success, and that is – quite literally – what Actions Peak represents.   

Our clothes are built for people who are on the move and working towards progress. They aren’t perfect people – everyone has moments of self-doubt – but they are persistent. They know how to push out the negative thoughts and rewire their mindset into positive thinking. By changing their mindsets, they lift their spirits and take further actions–steps towards their goals.

When you’re in Actions Peak apparel, you’re already taking one step closer to your goals.  Our brand represents a bold and uplifting mindset, prompting productive actions that help you reach your peak, one stepping stone at a time. Take your actions to the next level by joining the Actions Peak team…and let everyone know that you’re on your A-game and on your way to the top!

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